New TV Show Links Wealth to Health

Featured guests reveal amazing stories to 10 million viewers

In Balance TV’s premier episode, against all odds Mike Lindell shares how he conquered his crack addiction to build a multi-million dollar empire and Jennifer Kushell discusses how she overcame attention deficit disorder to become a world-renowned business leader.

“This ground-breaking series addresses our universal need for balance to achieve wealth and health in our daily living,” says Naheed Ali, Executive Producer of the show.  “Maintaining life balance is especially challenging amidst our unsettling environment of economic turbulence, job insecurities and the greater need for family well-being. Our intention is to inspire our audience to embrace business and physical health to attain greater career productivity and fulfilling lifestyles.”

The half-hour broadcast is a documentary showcasing special guests who have achieved success in their careers and personal lives.  They share the story of their journeys to success, and how they learned to break through the frustrations and hurdles to realize their goals.

“You’ll see how young entrepreneur Jennifer Kushell powered through stress and other issues,  and channeled her new-found focus to write a NY Times best-seller and earn the title ‘Guru of Our Youth Generation,’ said Steven E, Co-host. “ Watch Mike Lindell share his own rocky road to wealth and health, creating a 300 employee company that today sells the most successful infomercial product in the world.”

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About Balance TV                                                                                                                                Balance TV is a revolutionary new show uncovering the critical connection between wealth and health.  In each episode featured guests, medical and business experts provide viewers professional insights offering business and health tips that can help achieve better life balance.  The production is staffed by accomplished experts in business growth, personal health and fitness.  If you would like to be considered as a guest on this show, or to request information about advertising sponsorships, please visit or email or call 562.884.0062.

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